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COVID-19 – Re-Opening

At this time, massage therapy and acupuncture are still unavailable and there is no indication of when that might change. We will be sure to let you know the moment it does!

With that out of the way, it feels so good to announce that chiropractic care has now been opened to everyone, not just emergency cases! We have been preparing for this day for weeks!

Our enduring goal is to provide the safest possible environment while continuing to provide exceptional, individualized care to everyone who needs it. To that end, and in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines, we have made a few changes that you will notice.

Our hours have changed and will remain fluid so that we are available to as many different patient schedules as this strange quarantine has created.

You must call ahead to book an appointment. As much as it pains us to say, “no”, we are working very hard to control the number of people in the office at any given time and so we cannot accept walk-in patient visits for now. When you call, we will ask a few simple screening questions. If we hear the right answers, you will be good to go. If we hear anything of concern, we will give you “next step” instructions.

Only those patients with an appointment will be permitted in the office. Sorry, this hurts us too but only patients, a parent of a young patient, or a patient’s support worker is allowed in the office. We just don’t have the space to have extra friends and family hang out and wait for you. This breaks our hearts – we love getting to know your friends and family but we can understand the reasons for these restrictions and we’re sure you can, too.

Face masks are not mandatory but if you have one, we would encourage you to wear it. Dr. Colautti will be wearing a mask when staying 2 metres away from patients is not an option.

Upon entering the office, you will be asked to use our hand sanitizer before answering some screening questions (again). You will then initial your travel card, circle Same, Better, or Worse and rate your progress out of 10 as usual.

We ask that you pay before your treatment to minimize the traffic at the front desk. Our tap function works for debit and credit now! If it is easier, we can also accept payment through e-transfer.

Upon entering the treatment room, you will notice that the tables are being washed and sanitized with a hospital-grade disinfectant between each and every patient. Likewise, the washroom is sanitized after each use and all common touch areas, debit machine, pens, handrails, desk tops, etc. are regularly sanitized.

To check out, we ask that you bring your travel card back to the front desk, book your follow-up appointment as needed, use our hand sanitizer one last time and carry on with your day, being as fabulous as you are!

We are so excited that our great community has finally reached this important stage and we can’t wait to serve you again!