Number one

Backpacks – A Pain in the Neck and Back!

It’s so tempting to buy the cutest new bag out there with the latest Disney images on the front or the biggest bag your child can carry so they can grow into it, but there is a lot more than cute-factor and convenience to consider when choosing a backpack and a good one can be [...]

Good Morning!

Spring has sprung and the clocks have leapt ahead an hour.  That means there is more sunlight to flood your room as the alarm clock starts calling.  Do you rise from bed looking forward to your day, or smack the clock, mutter a silent oath and wish you had another hour? Morning sets the tone [...]

Backpack Check Up

I know "back to school" is an ugly phrase for some of my younger patients but I also know that lots of mums and dads are heading out right now to stock up on school supplies with backpacks being at the top of their lists. Students carry a great weight on their backs. You only [...]


Oh, no! My poor child has a fever! What should I do? Nothing.  Wait, that sounds a little harsh.  Of course you should do something. First, congratulate your child for having such a wonderful immune system that takes such good care of him or her.  Then, make sure he or she is dressed in light, [...]

Spring Cleaning Time!

Well, there may not be much warmth in it, but the sun is certainly on its way back.  All that cheerful sunshine refreshes more than our moods, the UV light also sterilizes the air. So throw back the curtains, let in the breeze and let the cleaning begin! ... If only it were that easy.  [...]

Chiropractic for Kids? Really?

Yes, really! What does chiropractic do? The bones of the spine help to protect the spinal cord – a system of nerves that connect the brain to every part of the body in order to control normal body functions. When the bones of the spine go “out of place”, it causes swelling of their joints. [...]

Promoting Better Sleep

In November I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful sleep seminar by Kathy Somers of the “Stress Management and High Performance Clinic” in Guelph. I thought that in this busy, high-pressure season it might be useful to pass on the tips she shared and Ms. Somers kindly gave me permission to do so. Unless [...]

Dr. Rickford’s “Five Keys To Healthier Living”

1. Mental Attitude The way we think about a situation affects how we act and in turn our actions can affect how we think and feel. Attitude and action are two powerful ways to change your outlook associated with current circumstances and create a sense of control in your life. Those individuals who feel in [...]

The Seasons are Changing

Falling temperatures bring falling leaves which can mean a lot of work whipping our yard into shape before the winter comes. A few simple steps can mean the difference between enjoying the beautiful colours on a cool, brisk day and winding up immobile on the couch with an ice pack. Warm Up Your Muscles Take [...]

Plantar Fasciitis

What Is Plantar Fasciitis? A common cause of heel pain and foot discomfort, plantar fasciitis occurs when the main supporting ligament of the arch becomes damaged and/or strained. There are a multitude of treatments and plenty of specialty care but in all cases it is wise to start with a full assessment and posture analysis [...]